Daniel Tulloch


MintD PhD

Dr Daniel Tulloch is a thought-leader and published author in energy policy, market design, and climate change.
He holds a PhD in Finance specialising in market studies and a Masters (with distinction) in International Accounting & Financial Management. He was a former Honorary Research Associate for the University of Oxford in Sustainable Finance and has over 20 publications relating to finance, environmental policy, energy policy, climate change, and stranded assets.

At an executive level, Daniel is an independent contractor for various government agencies, designing market, governance, compliance, and monitoring frameworks.
His work incorporates Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Te Ao Māori and Māori-specific engagement including Tikanga Māori. He also has over 4 years of experience in market design for the Electricity Authority, leading one of the largest distribution sector reforms in New Zealand. He understands New Zealand government policies and processes and has experience leading organisational and legislative change.

Daniel is a member of the Institute of Directors, holds two State board positions and was recently profiled as an emerging young and ethnic director in the 2019 stocktake of Gender, Māori, and Ethnic Diversity by Ministry for Women and Office for Ethnic Communities. He also presented as a panel member for an interagency Diversity and Inclusion on State Boards event.