Energy Consulting
Strategic and technical advisors on energy:
markets, infrastructure and regulation

Consulting services to energy industry companies and regulators.

Energy supply chains are complex interactive layers of infrastructure, organisations, market systems rules and regulation.
Our collaborative business model reflects this environment drawing from a broad range of international knowledge and experience.
Strata is the perfect word to describe how we apply our people, capabilities and experience to meet the needs of our clients.

Energy Markets

We work in the development and operation of efficient energy markets. Creating policy, codes of practice and rules that provide frameworks for competition and reliable energy supply.

Utility Regulation

We work with regulators and market operators by providing advice on regulation methodologies and technical/economic assessments of energy utilities.

Solutions development

We thrive where there is a need to produce solutions for challenging situations. Our team of senior utility executives is able to draw from decades of experience to develop sustainable solutions for energy markets.


Our business model is based on collaboration. Through our network of associates we provide our clients with access to a formidable team of senior internationally based energy specialists.

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Our People

The core experts and principals that define Strata Energy

Our Associates

The network and experience that strengthens our expertise


Strata's corporate associate, based in Sydney NSW. EMCa specialise in the policy, strategy, implementation and operation of electricity and gas markets, electricity network services and associated network pricing, access and regulatory arrangements.

Sense Partners

Strata's corporate associate, Sense Partners, is a boutique consultancy. They are experienced economists with backgrounds in modelling, public policy, regulatory affairs and economic assessments.

Associate Consultants

Strata's collaborative business model provides clients with access to an international team of experts and energy specialists. Information on associates that are involved on Strata projects can be found here.

Our Clients

Our consulting approach has been used successfully over more than a decade on a wide variety of projects and assignments with many clients, including:

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